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Possible Questions for the Interviewer

Usually, at the end of the meeting, your interviewer will ask if you have any questions.  This is your chance to shine!  Below are some questions that will help you sound savvy and look smart:

1. Can you describe the working environment?
2. How do you measure success?
3. What are some qualities in your ideal employee?
4. What makes your [salon or company] stand out from the others?
5. Where might I expect to be in a few years if I perform well?
6. Can you describe your personal management style?
7. What does a typical day or week look like?
8. What kind of ongoing training might be available?
9. What do you see as the biggest challenges of this position?
10. What do you like best about work here?
11. What is the next step in your hiring process, and when can I expect to hear back from you?
12. What is your approach to retailing?
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